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Four generations of potato growers.


A little about this family owned company:


The farm started out in the late 1960's with a vision from our Father, David Bula. After looking for farmland and looking at a couple different farms he settled in Mole Lake, WI. Purchased 80 acres and started raising seed potatoes. When our Uncle, Ed Bula graduated Highschool he came to the farm and helped our Father. With the help of our other Uncle, Dan Bula and Grandfather, Billie Bula over the years raised upwards of 150 acres of seed potatoes. In 2015 my Brother, Stan Bula and I, Justin Bula have taken over the seed potato crop. 

In the Spring of 2021 we were grateful enough to be contacted by a seed grower in Antigo, WI. They were looking for someone to take over their specialty varieties of potatoes they grew for Farm Market Growers and Home Gardeners. 

Over the next few years we are looking at other varieties of potatoes that we can grow and have available to the consumers.  




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